Alexander XBOCT Dashkevich spoke about how the war changed his life

Alexander XBOCT Dashkevich last night spoke about the latest changes in his life, which are associated with the military invasion of Russian invaders into the territory of Ukraine.

Hello. I will try to explain what has been happening to me over the past 1.5 days. I was left in Kyiv absolutely alone in my residential building, went down to the basement, everything is abandoned there, it’s very hard... it’s very hard to talk about something when bombs are exploding around, civilians are dying, etc. Was forced to leave. In the morning I got behind the wheel, they let me out of Kyiv normally and went right now to Khmelnitsky, 17 hours on the road. Terrible, because everything is blocked. I will not tell everything that happened to me along the way, because a lot is connected with the armed forces and this information is secret. In general, we reached Kamenets-Podolsky, slept for 5 hours and now we will go further, it is not yet clear where.

What I would like to say to the Ukrainians who stayed in Kyiv, Kharkov and other big cities - be strong, I don’t know how to help you, I am sending money to aid funds, I sincerely hope that everything will end well. Russians who stayed in Ukraine or are going to come here - Get the hell out of here, you are not welcome here, people are dying on both sides. Now they often refer to ignorance, you already see everything, a billion videos on the Internet what is happening. Get the hell out of here! Russians who are in Russia - Try to support, understand that you are being drawn into the war and you are being led to "outcasts". Your "leader" (to put it mildly) is burying his population, and this will only make things worse, if you don't do anything yourself, then no one can do anything.

I will try to tell about my further movements. Thanks to everyone who is interested. I sympathize with the families of the victims and hope that soon all this will end and we will be able to live in peace, we will be able to rebuild everything that is destroyed and our hearts, hold on. GLORY TO UKRAINE!

Of course, we are talking about the military, located in Ukraine. The civilian population of Russia on the territory of Ukraine suffers in the same way as we do from shelling and bombing.