Ninjas in Pajamas teams up with Team Gullit

Swedish esports organization Ninjas in Pajamas teams up with Team Gullit to launch a new FIFA team called TG.NIP. The creation of a joint team will allow the parties to qualify for the FIFA Global Series Masters.

Korne Dubelaar, Team Gullit Founder: “We are delighted to be working with NIP. We have been working together for almost two years since Ollelito moved from Team Gullit to NIP. When EA announced the FGS Masters, it was time to take the collaboration to the next level. The creation of TG.NIP allows us to fully focus on developing talent in Team Gullit, while TG.NIP will become one of the top tier teams competing for trophies in major tournaments. "

The TG.NIP team will include Levi (two-time European Champion) and Ollelito (winner of the FUT Champions Cup).

Jonas Gundersen, NIP CEO: “Now that esports and FIFA are synonymous with professionalism, I am delighted to deepen our collaboration and integration, and I expect this relationship to become even closer over time. This is a natural strategic step for us, as NIP together with our subsidiary Shinobi is working towards a very broad presence in FIFA. "

Team Gullit was founded in 2018 by football veteran and former Golden Ball winner Ruud Gullit after he was inspired by his sons' love of sports simulator. This year alone, the team teamed up with companies such as Ultimo GG, SEIKO Vision and Samsung.