The longest match in history lasting 6+ hours in Dota 2

Due to the fact that the participants in the match were more important and more interesting than the battle process itself, and not its outcome, the match went on for more than six hours. The meeting was held with participants from CIS players.

This would not have been possible without the perseverance of players who lost the match. Three Dire meeting participants left the match, but Clockwerk and Disruptor decided to go all the way. Having bought Radiance and several Heart of Tarrasque, the players went to defend their lines, and their opponents did not strive to quickly end the match. While Slark stood at its base, and Techies along with the Treant Protector moved around the map, placing mines and lighting the entire forest, Legion Commander together with Pudge did not let rivals go beyond their fountain. As a result, LC was able to earn 10104 bonus damage from a duel, and Pudge scored 230 points from Flesh Heap. This gave him 2990 bonus health regeneration and 575 extra strength points.

It is noteworthy that the total cost of the heroes from Dire exceeded 1,100,000, while Radiant players were valued at more than 1,700,000 gold.

Anyone interested in this match can follow the link and see the results of the meeting on their own.