Alliance will continue to perform without replacements

Alliance co-owner Kelly Ong said the Dota 2 core team went without a reshuffle and, despite rumors, Aiden “iNSaNiA” Sarkoi also remained on the team. Recall that the captain of the Swedish team accidentally chose an unplanned hero, because of which the team lost Royal Never Give Up in the first round of The International 2019 lower bracket, and rumors about Aiden kick from the team began to actively “walk around” the network.

For the season 2018/2019, the team managed to visit three majors and two minors, but Alliance managed to show their best side only at tournaments marked "Minor".

Alliance roster for the upcoming season:

Mike "miCKe" Nguyen
Max "qojqva" Broker
Samuel "Boxi" Swan
Aiden "iNSaNiA" Sarkoi
Tommy "Taiga" Leah