Game-Changing Glitch: Dota 2 Player Switches Teams Mid-Match!

A Reddit user known as immortal_alex recounted an extraordinary glitch they encountered during a Dota 2 matchmaking session.

In the game's 31st minute, a teammate of immortal_alex, who was playing Juggernaut for the Radiant team, executed his ultimate move on an opposing Ogre Magi. At that moment, the Ogre Magi had a Mirror Shield activated. This unexpected interaction caused Juggernaut to switch allegiances, joining the Dire team instead, and leaving the original team to contend in a disadvantaged 4 vs 6 scenario for the remainder of the match.


Following this incident, a recent minor update from the Dota 2 development team addressed the glitch involving the Revenant's Brooch and introduced modifications to the matchmaking system's rules regarding the sharing of lobby participant information.