Fy shared his thoughts on the salary within Azure Ray after rejoining the team

Chinese support player Suyi "fy" Lin Sen shared details about his salary at Azure Ray — he didn't have one last season. This information was relayed by a user from the social network X, known by the nickname CN Dota In A Nutshell.

"My salary is less than half of what I could earn by streaming games. However, out of respect for the owner of Azure Ray, I'll still join the team. I won't be gaming and streaming simultaneously."

Siu "fy" Lin Sen

Earlier, Lin Sen announced his return to the Azure Ray team after a month-long break. He mentioned having dinner meetings with the team management, Lou, 天命, and LaNm. Fy emphasized that it was difficult for him to turn down the offer from the Azure Ray management.

According to him, there are rumors that Faith_bian and Ori, who ended their careers after The International 2022, might join the Chinese team roster. As per information from a source, the club intends to present the updated lineup on December 31, 2023.