Dota 2 forZe team offered to play match-fixing

The manager of the Russian e-sports organization forZe Gleb Antokhin said in his account on the social network Twitter that the team received an offer to play the game “according to a specific scenario”. The post was later deleted.

According to Antokhin, and based on screenshots of correspondence, such an offer came from a man under the nickname Haotian, who introduced himself as an official of the Chinese company HuomaoTV. This mysterious person suggested that forZe earn money at the EGB Arena of Blood tournament. To do this, they needed to play matches on certain conditions.

Most likely, it was a contract game. The team was supposed to help certain individuals earn money - in return, it would receive part of the profit. Apparently, the forZe manager declined this offer and raised this topic for public discussion. It remains incomprehensible that Antokhin removed his post from Twitter.

Who is behind the match matches?

A certain Haotian offered the team long-term cooperation. It was unlikely that it was a fair deal. This person also said that some teams agreed to his terms and will play “according to a certain scenario” at the upcoming tournament. To increase confidence on the part of Antokhin, Haotian provided the forZe manager with screenshots of the chat rooms that he consists of, representatives of other teams and the tournament organizers themselves.

Information about match-fixing reached HuomaoTV. The organization promised to make an official statement about the situation.

ForZe CEO Sergey Ignatko spoke about the incident. He said that Antokhin took the initiative to find out who is behind the match, which is why he began a dialogue with a mysterious stranger. Ignatko also added that he and his organization would not tolerate unfair play in any of its manifestations.

Other people from the world of professional Dota 2 expressed their opinion on the situation with possible contractual matches. So, the manager of U Can Company Daniil Shatrov said that the Chinese company has nothing to do with the EGB Arena of Blood tournament. He also confirmed that the man under the nickname Haotian really once worked for HuomaoTV.

Dota 2 forZe team offered to play match-fixing. Photo 1

What is the EGB Arena of Blood?

The tournament itself, around which a scandal arose with match-fixing, will begin on February 28 and will be held online. It will play 8 teams from Europe and the CIS countries. So, at EGB Arena of Blood, the participation of such groups as Aggressive Mode, Cyber Legacy, B8, OG Seed and Chicken Fighters is announced. Two more teams will have the opportunity to play in the tournament thanks to the closed qualifications. The remaining slot must be occupied by the team, which will receive an invitation from the organizer.

If not for the situation with possible agreements, the EGB Arena of Blood would have gone unnoticed: not the most famous teams are playing, a small prize pool (10 thousand dollars). Now the attention of spectators and people from the world of professional Dota 2 is riveted to the tournament - will there really be match matches?

Are contractual matches possible on the pro stage?

At a high level, it is difficult to imagine that such a situation could even be possible. The best Dota 2 games have good contracts, participate in tournaments with the opportunity to win millions of dollars. It is unlikely that a player from the T1 team will risk his status and money for the sake of momentary profit.

This means that the probability of contractual matches at the highest level is reduced to zero. Thanks to this, everyone can bet without fear that dishonest players will be the culprits of the loss. If you want to bet on your favorite game, then the bookmaker will help you in this matter.