N0tail goes on vacation

Following Topson, the permanent captain and leader OG N0tail took a pause in the competition. Representatives of the club reported this on social networks.


Johan has played for OG since founding the club in October 2015. The track record of an e-sportsman for this period is impressive:

During his time at OG, the 28-year-old Dane played in 35 LAN tournaments, of which 9 were majors. As part of OG, Johan played 5 times at The International, 2 of which he won.

Comment by N0tail

I take a vacation for at least a year. I'll take care of my health and just rest. I am completely happy, but the only thing I need right now is to take a break. I am grateful to the guys with whom I played for two years. I feel that I have done my duty. But I need to rest.

However, N0tail is not going to say goodbye to OG N0tail completely. The player will help the new squad as a mentor.

I think it's clear that veterans should help new generations. During this long time, I have learned a lot, acquired a lot of knowledge. And this knowledge must be passed on. I hope we can avoid most of the mistakes we've made over the years.

With N0tail going on vacation, there are no players left in the active roster of the club. The updated lineup of OG should be presented, in which N0tail will take the place of mentor, until tomorrow, if they do not want to miss the first cycle of DPC 2021/22.