TaZ and NEO will assemble the roster for CS:GO

Information appeared on the HLTV portal, for which TaZ commented on this news.

Wictor 'TaZ' Wojtas said the following:

"It’s obvious that Neo and I needed time to work through our past," TaZ said in a statement. "When you have played with someone for so many years, spent so much time together and shared moments of both glory and defeat, it’s difficult to sort things out.

Time has worked in our favor though. It showed that the bond we have is much bigger than only the game we play together."

TaZ has been on the same team with NEO for 14 years. The most successful period for them was the game under the tag Virtus.pro from 2014 to 2018. It was as a part of this team that they became the champions of ELEAGUE Season 1, whose prize fund was $ 1,400,000, as well as DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017. After winning the last, the players signed contracts with the organization until 2020, and in March 2018 they were terminated. In December last year, e-sportsmen started playing together again under the ARCY tag, but a month later it was disbanded.

About who will play in the new line-up, in addition to the TaZ and NEO themselves, is currently unknown, as well as about what tag the Poles will play under.