Ex6TenZ announces retirement

Ex6TenZ wrote a post on Twitlonger, in which he reported a loss of motivation to pursue a career as a professional CS: GO player. He wants to continue his path in e-sports as a mentor.

As the main reason for leaving the player’s position, he named a number of unsuccessful performances under the tag G2 Esports and GamerLegion in 2018-2019. From July 2019 to today, Ex6TenZ was listed in GamerLegion as an inactive player. The Belgian began his career in 2006 and over 14 years has been able to earn more than $ 163,000 in prize money. He managed to play under the tags of teams such as Team LDLC, G2 Esports, Titan, VeryGames, GamerLegion and others.

Former teammate Ex6TenZ in the person of SmithZz also talked about ending his career as a professional player. Read more about this here.