Steam account Stewie2k was stolen by cyber crackers

According to statistics, every second Internet user at least once in a lifetime becomes a victim of a hacker. Perhaps you yourself or someone from your acquaintances at one point entering the usual password to enter the mailbox or into the account of your favorite game saw a notification on the screen that the login information is incorrect. Over and over again, entering the username and password at some point it became clear that the reason lies in hacking. Last week, a similar fate befell a professional player in CS: GO.

In hot pursuit

Liquid team player Jake Stewie2k Yip said he was the victim of hackers who hacked his Steam account. The situation happened on September 6, on the eve of the game against the Astralis team in the quarter finals of StarLadder Berlin Major 2019. Stewie2k tweeted: “I have no idea how this happened. Someone stole my Steam account and completely blocked me.” Further events developed rapidly.

Prompt reaction

Stewie2k turned to Valve to solve this problem. A little later, or more precisely - after 48 minutes, a new entry appeared on his twitter: “Valve is very grateful for the quick solution to the problem. Skins were stolen for thousands of dollars without a ban of trade, and I do not understand how. I take off my hat to a hacker who has devoted his life to such activities. Valve seems to have taken control. ” So, Valve were able to quickly respond to the problem and regain access to the account. This is especially significant, given that the hacking of the account occurred several hours before the important match for the Liquid team. One can build theories and name various reasons, right down to sabotage and the intentions of the attackers to disrupt the important game for Liquid.

Definitely pleased with the quick reaction of Valve support, which in the shortest possible time was able to restore access to the account. Of course, Jake is a well-known media personality and that is why his application was considered so quickly.

ESports Theft

However, skins with a total value of several thousand dollars have already been sold and it is not known whether they will be able to return them to an e-sportsman. Reddit and HLTV users have already spoken about this, joking about the fact that Jake Yip climbed dubious sites on the eve of an important game with Astralis and grabbed viruses. However, in this situation, it is strange that crackers were able to circumvent the Steam security systems, which include two-factor authentication and Steam Guard. It can be assumed that such protection was disabled in the player’s profile, but then this is even more perplexing, given that Stewie2k is a professional e-sportsman and must understand how important it is to securely protect your account.

Skins in CS: GO are not just beautiful weapon skins. They can be received in the game, bought and sold, or won by opening cases on csbet. As with Jake, they can cost a fortune.

Game with Astralis

As already mentioned above on the same day, Liquid fought in the quarter finals with Astralis, where they safely flew away from the Danes with a score of 2: 0. It is noteworthy that in this match Stewie2k showed the worst result among the players. His K / D was 24-39. Whether the night theft became the cause of such a bad game or is it something else we do not know. However, such an incident could definitely affect Jake’s morality and pat his nerves.

Take care of Steam from a young age

The situation with Stewie2k clearly illustrates why it is so important to protect your account. As we can see, no one is safe from hacking, not even a professional CS player. Therefore, do not neglect Steam Guard and other security features. Use complex passwords, put a good antivirus and do not travel to dubious sites.