Major Glitch Discovered in New Counter-Strike 2 Map

On June 25, Counter-Strike 2 received an update introducing several new maps for specific game modes, including Assembly and Memento for the Wingman mode. However, it turns out one of these new maps, Memento, has a serious issue.

CS2 player /u/theRealFakez shared a clip on the CS2 subreddit on July 7, showing them being shot through a wall on Memento. Understandably frustrated, the player wanted to know how this was possible.


Initially, many assumed it was one of those “CS2’d” moments where a shot appears faster than the player animation. To ease his frustration, theRealFakez reviewed the demo after the match and discovered that the Memento map is missing a collision mesh in a few spots.

In the demo video, the enemy can be seen shooting through the wall texture. While the texture is visible and blocks the view, it doesn’t match the environment mesh, allowing bullets to pass through. This is exactly what happened to theRealFakez, whose enemy continued shooting through the wall, ultimately hitting them in the head.

Given that CS2 has been plagued by issues, this glitch is not entirely surprising, especially considering Memento is a community-made map featured in the Wingman mode. It’s likely the fault of the map creator and should be easily fixable. However, it would be wise to check whether Memento has similar issues in other areas of the map.

Since the June 25 patch went live, there have been no major updates to the game. Hopefully, Valve is working on addressing CS2’s significant issues, including problems with cheaters.