Suspicious Account Bans Reported in Counter-Strike 2

Gamer and streamer TDM_Heyzeus has reported a wave of suspicious account bans in the tactical shooter Counter-Strike 2.

A total of thirty-five accounts are listed in the Float.DB service, all of which are relatively new and contain a significant number of skins and rare items. TDM_Heyzeus suggested that there could be many more such accounts. These users appeared in the list of elite skin owners about two months ago and were opening thousands of cases every day.


Commenters questioned how these users obtained the large sums of money needed to open so many cases. It soon emerged that a group of fraudsters might be involved. Allegedly, they used stolen bank cards to purchase the cases. The number of cases opened is estimated to be as high as 300,000, with the total money spent reaching $840,000. As a result, Valve has banned the accounts.

The full list of banned accounts can be found here.