Valve Introduces Quirky Chicken Inspection Animation in Latest Counter-Strike 2 Update

Recently, Valve released a major update for Counter-Strike 2, introducing skin rentals and balance adjustments, along with some unusual new animations.

The patch notes included changes related to chickens: they can now turn right while walking, climb slopes, and have "several new animations."

During their exploration of Valve's free-to-play hit, gamers discovered an unexpected feature resembling the weapon inspection process but with a twist.

This feature is a "chicken inspection." Chickens, which typically roam certain maps in Counter-Strike 2, can now be picked up and "spun" around. The YouTube channel PoPw0w demonstrated this animation, showing the player lifting the chicken and spinning it, while its head stays fixed in one spot and its neck stretches significantly.

It remains unclear when Valve plans to officially implement the "chicken inspection" in Counter-Strike 2.