Valve Resets the Bar: Unveiling New Autograph Guidelines for CS 2 Athletes at PGL Major Copenhagen 2024

Valve has recently communicated with participants of the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 for CS 2 via email, detailing specific guidelines that players must adhere to when crafting their autographs. This update was reported by Game Arena.

The directive emphasizes a need for more straightforward sticker designs. Valve has noted that its previously relaxed criteria led players to enlist graphic designers and utilize commercial fonts for their autograph stickers—a trend that Valve aims to shift. As CS 2 marks a fresh chapter, the company is keen on recapturing the essence of the past.

To align with this vision, Valve insists that player stickers should closely mirror the autographs handed out to fans in person. Athletes are to personally draw their signature on paper, ensuring the process does not exceed 10 seconds, to maintain authenticity and simplicity in the design.