Jimmy "Jumpy" Berndtsson Takes the Helm as Sangal's New CS:GO Head Coach

Sangal has recently appointed Jimmy "⁠Jumpy⁠" Berndtsson as the new head coach for their Counter-Strike squad. Berndtsson, a seasoned Swedish coach, steps into the role previously held by Klesti "⁠stikle-⁠" Kola, who parted ways with the team earlier this month after a year-long tenure.

Marking his first coaching endeavor with a men's team since his time with North, which concluded following the Danish organization's shutdown in February 2021, Jumpy made a comeback to coaching last year with G2 Oya. During his nine-month tenure, he led the women's CS team before the division was discontinued.

Jumpy, who transitioned to coaching in 2016, boasts a rich history as a Counter-Strike professional player, with experiences in teams such as Volt-gaming, Meet Your Makers, and FlipSid3 Tactics. Following a brief leadership role at Escape, he was tapped for the head coaching position at fnatic, replacing Viktor "⁠vuggo⁠" Jendeby. His stint with fnatic was highlighted by significant achievements, including victories at IEM Katowice 2018 and WESG 2017, as well as a semi-final appearance at the ELEAGUE Major Atlanta.

Now at 37, Berndtsson is tasked with steering a team currently positioned 108th globally. This assignment comes after Sangal executed a dual roster update three months prior, introducing Yasin "⁠xfl0ud⁠" Koç and Ilya "⁠Ganginho⁠" Chernychenko in place of Max "⁠PANIX⁠" Hangebruch and Can "⁠kyuubii⁠" Ali.

Sangal is set to compete against 9INE in their inaugural ESL Challenger League Group D match on Tuesday, a group that features teams like EYEBALLERS, 9 Pandas, KOI, and TSM. Additionally, the squad participates in the YaLLa Compass Spring Contenders and the RES Regional Series 1.

With the addition of Jumpy, Sangal's lineup is as follows: