S1mple's Return: Team Falcons Secures Star Player for CS 2, Unleashing a Blaze of Excitement!

Grant Russo, the Director of eSports and Operations at Team Falcons, shared his thoughts on the temporary signing of Alexander "s1mple" Kostylev to the CS 2 team. According to Russo, this move allows the team to buy additional time as they determine the permanent roster.

The addition of s1mple to our team has undoubtedly excited many. I am pleased that we were able to make this arrangement happen. To provide clarity on the matter: as outlined in the official statement, this is a one-month agreement for s1mple's participation in the BLAST Showdown.

"This decision grants us the flexibility needed to carefully consider the permanent roster that will compete in events such as EPL, IEM Dallas, and various other tournaments. Simultaneously, it presents us with an excellent opportunity to secure victory in the upcoming BLAST Showdown."

Grant Russo

It's important to note that s1mple remains under contract with NAVI. This return marks the end of his nearly four-month hiatus from competitive CS 2 tournaments.