CCT Global Finals Unveiled: 16 Elite Teams Vie for $500,000 in Showdown of Champions!

The organizers of the Champion of Champions Tour (CCT) have unveiled plans for their upcoming Global Finals, slated to occur from May 16-24, featuring a substantial prize pool of $500,000.

This highly-anticipated event will showcase a total of 16 teams, comprising 11 squads that have earned their spots through the rigorous Studio and Online Finals circuit organized by the tournament administrators, along with five teams receiving direct invitations. However, it's worth noting that due to potential roster constraints, some initially qualified teams may be subject to change.

Among the qualified teams are Spirit, the champions of IEM Katowice, along with prominent attendees of the PGL Major Copenhagen, including, Eternal Fire, and BIG.

The tournament format will see the participating teams divided into four GSL groups, from which eight teams will emerge to compete in a single-elimination playoff bracket.

Reflecting on the success of the CCT 2022/2023 season, Fabian Logemann, Head of Tournament Operations at GRID (CCT's tournament commissioner and data infrastructure partner), expressed enthusiasm, stating, "The CCT 2022/2023 season was a massive undertaking and the reception by the community was incredibly rewarding and humbling. We're excited to cap off the first Tour with Global Finals in May, and we can't wait to put on a show to crown the Champion of Champions."