A member of the ENCE team has accused a trader of stealing 16 thousand euros

ENCE esports team member Pavel "dycha" Dykha has filed a complaint against a trader named Syncho, alleging that he stole 16,000 euros in a CS:GO skin transaction. According to Dycha, he paid for a ruby "M9 Bayonet | Waves" and a sapphire "Karambit | Waves" but never received the promised items.

The story began in late December when Dycha and Syncho agreed on the deal, and the money was transferred to the trader's bank account. However, after this, Syncho became less responsive and did not provide specific information about the status of the transaction.

Repeated attempts by Dycha to contact Syncho's bank proved unsuccessful, and the esports player claims that the trader did not provide any evidence of the transfer's absence. One of the knives has already disappeared from the seller's inventory.

In response, Syncho claims to have moved the item to storage, explaining its absence from his profile. The trader denies allegations of improper communication and fraud, stating that he still respects the esports player but considers it inappropriate to publicly discuss the incident.