ESIC removes ban from Team Spirit coach

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has officially lifted hally's suspension from competition. The corresponding decision was made on Sunday, September 4. This was told by Dejan Minich, the lawyer of the Team Spirit coach.

Finally, a few months later, our appeal cleared the Team Spirit coach of all charges. From September 4, he will support his players in all tournaments. Good luck Team Spirit.

Recall that hally was one of three coaches who were caught using a prohibited bug with a camera and recommended to be eliminated from participating in all competitions. Later, the investigation was confirmed by the tournament operator PGL, which suspended the specialists from participating in the PGL Major Antwerp 2022.

The 29-year-old was found to have experienced a static version of the infamous bug within one round of an ESPADA team match in 2019 and was suspended from tournaments along with zakk and peacemaker. However, the Latin American specialists proved their innocence much earlier, officially continuing their work with the teams. In turn, hally watch the team from the outside, although, according to the lawyer, he filed an appeal on July 1, providing all the necessary evidence of his innocence and lack of malicious intent.

Since then, ESIC has refused to respond to the evidence provided, ignoring messages from hally. In addition, the supervisory body has not yet officially announced that all charges against the Team Spirit coach have been dropped. In any case, the 29-year-old specialist was only one month away from the lifting of all sanctions, since he received a five-month ban based on the updated penalty matrix.

hally will return to the scene in early October when his team travels to Malta for the Intel Extreme Masters Road to Rio 2022: European RMR A.

Team Spirit CS:GO roster: