Thomas left Into The Breach

Thomas left Into The Breach. The 24-year-old British cybersportsman announced this on his Twitter, adding that his time in the team had come to an end.

It's been fun, but my time at Into The Breach is coming to an end. I will play the rest of the tournaments with them so that my exit is painless. I am very hungry to compete again and show my development! I am a free agent and open to offers.

Thomas is known for his performances for the British band Endpoint. However, at the beginning of the current season, the 24-year-old British esportsman became part of the Coalesce roster, with whom he failed to qualify for the RMR tournament, and as a result left the team.

As a result, Thomas joined Into The Breach as a stand-in, taking part in several championships. In particular, the 24-year-old Briton helped the team win Hydra Cup #3, Insomnia 68 and Beyond Invitational Spring 2022, as well as take part in the open qualifier for Intel Extreme Masters XVII - Dallas.

From now on, the Into The Breach CS:GO roster is as follows: