TOP 10 Best CS:GO players of 2021

Our calculations were based on the players' performance in the season, their individual form and rating, consistency, and the ability to single-handedly lead the team to success.

To compensate for the strong individual influence of some players who have no doubt had a fantastic season, a corrective editorial grade has been introduced.

For example, everyone understands that NiKo has had an outstanding season in terms of personality, consistency and leadership. However, the Bosnian did not win a single tournament in a season, which significantly reduces his final result. However, his contribution to the game and form throughout the year deserves much more attention than some of the other players in our ranking.

Let's slightly open the curtain: in the process of compiling the rating, the players' performance in terms of games was studied and compared with the teams from the TOP-30 of the world rating. In addition, the results of players and their teams in LAN tournaments, which have become much more important in 2021, played an important role in the formation of the TOP-10.

Jame, ropz, KSCERATO and frozen are worth highlighting from those who deserve it, but did not make it into our final rating. These players lacked stability and consistency in their results. While Jame and Frozen shone in the first half of the season, ropz and KSCERATO showed a high level of individual play. However, the weak achievements of MOUZ and FURIA, respectively, did not allow the players to rise higher. Nevertheless, there is no doubt about the high contribution of the presented players, so we can safely give them a kind of EVP medal.

In this case, the material can be subjective. However, it will be possible to carry out the corresponding parallel and correlation analysis only at the beginning of next year, when the top twenty players will be known according to the HLTV portal.