OverDrive: "device will move back to Astralis at the beginning of the year"

OverDrive has shared a fresh batch of rumors that are likely to be true. In particular, the Russian insider shared the future device, which may leave NIP at the end of the season.

dev1ce will switch back to Astralis at the beginning of the year, this is one of the reasons why he is not playing now.

The new EnvyUs lineup will be built around kennyS.

Vitality will retain their roster and cancel the transfer of the Danes.

As a reminder, device switched from Astralis to NIP in April 2021. However, the player was forced to miss the last weeks due to illness, which only fuels rumors about his possible return to the Danish team. Also, Astralis doesn't have a sniper today, while gla1ve took on this role.

As for kennyS, the eminent French sniper spent the last nine months inactive, speaking with G2 only in the framework of IEM Winter 2021. In turn, the North American organization Team Envy left the discipline at the beginning of 2021, disbanding its international squad.

According to a neL insider, Vitality was planning to change the roster early next season. While the organization planned to ditch the services of Kyojin, shox and XTQZZZ, dupreeh, Magisk and zonic were going to take their places.