junior can go to Extra Salt

According to the portal Dust2.us, junior may soon move to Extra Salt. This transition should be another part of the neglected mechanism of permutations in the North American scene. Currently, the 21-year-old American esportsman is the second highest rated sniper in his region.

Extra Salt is already in talks with FURIA to acquire a player on loan from Bad News Bears. The 21-year-old esportsman joined the Brazilian team in early 2021, but six months later he was transferred to the reserve team, after which he was transferred on loan to Bad News Bears.

Together with his new team, junior managed to become the winner of Fragadelphia 15, ESEA Cash Cup: North America - Autumn 2021 # 1, ESEA Cash Cup: North America - Autumn 2021 # 2 and ESEA Cash Cup: North America - Autumn 2021 # 6, as well as compete in Intel Extreme Masters XVI - Fall: North America.

At the same time, Extra Salt is preparing to say goodbye to oSee, whose transfer negotiations are actively promoted by Team Liquid. That said, there may be other changes to the Extra Salt roster as the team is currently considering reinforcement options for the next season.

The possible composition of Extra Salt is as follows: