An insider on the situation around GORILLAZ: "flusha and JW will leave the team immediately after they finish playing all the remaining tournaments."

Finnish insider nuoriiikka shared information regarding the future of the GORILLAZ team. Nuoriiikka highlighted on Twitter that some of the players have contracts with an unnamed organization, while some of the squad will continue to play together next season.

The team will not split up, the remaining trio still have plans to continue playing together in 2022.

Naturally, an international team will be assembled next year. There are insights that sergej may leave the team, but there is no decision on whether the Finn will kick. The same goes for supra.

The insider also spoke about the future of flusha and JW in the team.

flusha and JW will leave the team right after they finish all the remaining tournaments with GORILLAZ this year.

In addition, nuoriiikka shared the legal nuances associated with the composition of the team.

flusha is under contract, so he won't be able to leave as a free agent. In addition to him, sergej, suNny and lmbt trainer are on contracts.

As the insider stressed, at the moment everything is a little confusing, since they still have official matches. There are many more things to happen during the Christmas break, where they can calmly think about everything. But for now, it may be that they will completely rebuild the team around suNny by next year.

Let us remind you that earlier flusha announced the search for a team for the next season. The 28-year-old Swedish player has spent the last eight months with GORILLAZ.