Sissi State Punks disbanded CS: GO

The Austrian esports organization Sissi State Punks has disbanded the CS: GO roster and decided to disband its CS: GO roster. At the same time, the organization did not name specific reasons for parting with the composition.

"Parting is not always easy. Today we must say goodbye to our CS: GO team with a heavy heart. You have had an outstanding season and we are more than proud of you. We wish you only the best for your future," the organization wrote.

The original Sissi State Punks were formed in October last year. During this time, the composition has undergone several changes. At the same time, the team did not show outstanding results, limiting itself to local successes and several participation in the qualifiers for the TIER-1 level championships. Note that a number of players left the team the day before, citing the termination of their contracts.

The latest Sissi State Punks roster is as follows: