Impulse, DiMKE and fajkus join 4glory

The esports organization 4glory announced a roster change in CS: GO, inviting Impulse, DiMKE and fajkus. As a reminder, the trio left ONYX in early December.

Impulse and DiMKE have played for ONYX since early 2021. Together with them, the team was led by fajkus. In nine months, the trio became the winner of the 99Liga Season 17 Div. 2.1 and A1 Adria League Season 7, got into the TOP-4 at the IronWar Grand Prix, and also took part in the V4 Future Sports Festival - Budapest 2021.

However, in early December, ONYX decided to disband its discipline squad due to poor results and suspended its activities for a period.

In turn, at the end of November 4glory said goodbye to the players dEE and sarenii, as well as the feedme coach. Note that in the renewed roster, 4glory took part in Malta Vibes Knockout Series 4, but lost to Finest with a 1: 2 score in the first round.

From now on, the composition of 4glory is as follows: