fer hinted at leaving 00Nation

fer hinted at leaving 00Nation. The 30-year-old Brazilian player announced this to the MCH YouTube channel. The cybersportsman stressed that he knew in advance that he would leave the team after several championships played.

Everything turned out badly both for me and for the guys. We experienced stress more often than we should. I decided long ago that I would play several championships and leave.

We have not been able to achieve any results. We tried very hard, but we could not transfer everything that we had gained to the official matches.

It was really great to get back to the constant training that I haven't had in a year. At the same time, after spending a week at a bootcamp in Norway, I already started to miss my family.

As a reminder, fer joined 00Nation at the end of October. In a month and a half as part of the Brazilian team, the player reached the semifinals of ESEA Cash Cup: Europe - Autumn 2021 # 3. Fer is gearing up to reunite with FalleN as a new Brazilian squad, according to insider reports. According to rumors, the Brazilian sniper is preparing to revive the old SK squad.

The current roster of 00Nation is as follows: