Rumor: Complexity Interested In Signing Copenhagen Flames Lineup

North American esports organization Complexity is interested in signing the Copenhagen Flames roster. This is reported by the EsprotFire portal with reference to its own sources.

After the final disbandment of its former roster, Complexity intends to return to the discipline next year. After the disappointing end of the season, the organization decided to disband its roster in order to look for development options for the next season. The team was left by k0nfig and blameF, who moved to Astralis, jks. coldzera, poizon, and es3tag, which moved to NIP. The last released was the peacemaker, who has trained the squad for the last four months.

At the same time, various rumors circulated around Complexity. In particular, the organization was associated with the signing of a new Brazilian squad, which will include FalleN and fer.

However, the most truthful option seems to be the signing of the Danish five Copenhagen Flames, since Complexity has long wanted to assemble a roster from this country. Copenhagen Flames loudly made itself known in the fall of 2021, placing seventh in Intel Extreme Masters XVI - Fall: Europe, and also stopping just a step away from reaching the quarterfinals of PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

At the same time, the Danish organization openly announced its intention to sell the roster, since it is not ready to pay excessively high salaries to the players. In particular, Copenhagen Flames named a $ 500,000 price tag, which certainly won't be a problem for Complexity.

The current roster of Copenhagen Flames is as follows: