ONYX disbanded the lineup

The Serbian eSports organization ONYX has decided to disband the CS: GO roster. The corresponding statement was published on the official Twitter of the organization. It is reported that the organization did not renew contracts with the players and decided to suspend its activities for a period.

The original ONYX roster was born in February 2021. Since then, the starting five has undergone significant changes, absorbing such experienced players as jR and bondik. During its existence, the team became the winner of the 99Liga Season 17 Div. 2.1 and A1 Adria League Season 7, got into the TOP-4 at the IronWar Grand Prix, and also took part in the V4 Future Sports Festival - Budapest 2021.

However, the team did not manage to achieve their goals, showing mediocre results on the TIER-3 stage. Already in early November, JR left the lineup, initiating changes. It is reported that part of the roster will become free agents, while ArroW will remain in the structure of the organization, returning to ONYX Talents.

The latest ONYX roster is as follows: