Complexity parted ways with peacemaker

The North American esports organization Complexity Gaming has decided to part ways with the trainer of the CS: GO roster, releasing peacemaker. Recall that the 33-year-old Brazilian specialist took over the team this summer. In his message, the peacemaker explained that he is now a free agent, and also indicated a change in direction that comes from the organization itself.

The specialist took over the team during the summer break, leaving Imperial Esports after a two-month stay at home. However, after a little over four months of working with Complexity Gaming, the team did not reach a new level, having failed at all major tournaments, at the same time failing to qualify for PGL Major 2021 after failing as part of Intel Extreme Masters XVI - Fall: Europe.

After the disappointing end of the season, the organization decided to disband its roster in order to look for development options for the next season. The team was left by k0nfig and blameF, who moved to Astralis, jks. coldzera, poizon, and es3tag, which moved to NIP.

At the same time, various rumors are circulating around Complexity Gaming. In particular, the organization was associated with the signing of a new Brazilian squad, which will include FalleN and fer.