Innersh1ne: FaZe Clan was not interested in m0NESY services

FaZe Clan team analyst denied rumors about the team's interest in m0NESY. According to Innersh1ne, FaZe Clan has not approached NAVI with a player transfer request. The analyst announced this in his Telegram.

We at FaZe Clan were not interested in m0NESY. Information from OverDrive sources, if the sources exist, is incorrect.

Recall that OverDrive tweeted about teams that were interested in the services of a promising 16-year-old player. According to the insider, the offer to buy m0NESY was put forward not only by G2 Esports, which are rumored to be soon going to replace their sniper, but also by such organizations as Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, Evil Geniuses, MOUZ and Complexity Gaming. OverDrive also added that if G2 Esports does not want to buy out the player, then m0NESY can go to Team Liquid.

On November 28, information appeared on the network that m0NESY may join G2 Esports after the end of BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2021. According to media reports, the deal will amount to about $ 600,000.

m0NESY started his professional career in 2019. Ilya turned 16 on May 1, which allows him to take part in major CS: GO championships.