AVANGAR unveils new CS: GO roster

The Kazakh eSports organization AVANGAR has presented a new CS: GO roster. After one and a half, the organization decided to return to the discipline in order to revive the eminent tag.

“Don't forget your history as you strive for new heights. AVANGAR returns to competitive Counter-Strike with a new roster. Greet the team,” theorganization wrote on social media.

The captain of the new roster will be FinigaN, who announced himself last year, playing for the ESPADA team. He will be joined by a young Belarusian player znx, who has played for Team Spirit Academy since March 2021. Another experienced link will be kade0, who played for AVANGAR in the past, and also managed to prove himself in the K23 lineup, having won the European Development Championship Season 1.

Together with them will be young players s1natoRRR and ICY, who previously played for the benched team. Malinger became the trainer of the squad. The 28-year-old has already had experience with teams such as OiVSE and benched.

The new AVANGAR roster is as follows: