nitr0 is getting closer to returning to Team Liquid

The infamous French insider neL spoke out about the upcoming changes in the Team Liquid roster. According to him, nitr0 is getting closer to returning to Team Liquid.

At the same time, numerous sources report that only EliGE will remain in the North American team. While Stewie2K and FalleN will almost certainly leave the squad, the future of Grim and NAF remains in question. The most likely scenario is related to the EliGE figure, around which the updated Team Liquid roster will be built.

As for nitr0 itself, the 26-year-old left the discipline just a year ago. However, during this time, the American did not find himself in the 100 Thieves, which failed the end of the season. According to sources, nitr0's return is close, as the player himself is eager to return to Team Liquid, actively playing on the FPL.

Other potential recruits for the band are shox and VINI. While the Frenchman is expected to prepare to leave Vitality, the 22-year-old Brazilian player is on Team Liquid's list of potential acquisitions. It is not yet clear who could become the fifth player in the renewed roster. In any case, it remains only to wait until the end of the season to find out a little more about all the changes in the team's camp.

Team Liquid's likely roster for next season looks like this: