brzer joins Astralis Talent

Astralis Talent has announced the relaunch of its division with the signing of brzer. At the same time, the organization intends to devote more time to the development of the academy, creating more conditions for training and performances at a high level.

Kasper Hvidt, Sports Director of Astralis:“Our goal in working with young players is that over the next few years, preferably faster, we can develop players who can act as sparring partners for our professional team and who can gradually join to the first team. It is about a culture and environment that is similar to a professional one, where we will constantly introduce tools from our professional team. "

From next season, Astralis Talent is expected to be fully involved in the professional organization, including training with the main team and transferring experience between the players of the two rosters.

At the same time, brzer joins the team, having spent the last six months with MASONIC. During this time, the 19-year-old Danish became the winner of NPF 2021, and also participated in many TIER-3 level tournaments. Brzer is expected to replace Void in the bench.

“I was really happy to play MASONIC and hope for the best for them. At the same time, I look forward to being a part of what Astralis Talent now represents. We will work with a focus on both our individual play and collaboration and on everything else, in a structure that suits me very much, "said the new recruit of the Danish team.

From now on, the composition of Astralis Talent is as follows: