Astralis partners with Aim Lab

Representatives of the Danish esports club Astralis announced the start of cooperation with Aimlab. The corresponding statement appeared on the official Astralis website.

Astralis and Aimlab will jointly create a new player support toolkit hosted on Playerbase. In addition, Astralis will record a series of training videos that will be embedded in the training program from Aim Lab.

As part of the agreement, Aim Lab will be integrated into Astralis Nexus, Astralis' flagship store and gaming center located in Copenhagen.

Commentary by Kasper Sindt, Commercial Director of Astralis

We want to introduce Aim Lab to the large CSGO community in Denmark and other European countries.

Aim Lab and I are already working on exciting projects that we will be happy to share with the whole world in the near future.

Aim Lab is a training platform for players of all levels. Aim Lab is used by over 20 million gamers around the world.