Call of Duty Data Miners Tease Possible Deadpool & Wolverine Crossover for Warzone and Modern Warfare 3

Recent findings from Call of Duty data miners suggest that an exciting crossover featuring Deadpool and Wolverine could be on the horizon for Warzone and Modern Warfare 3. If confirmed, this collaboration would coincide with the upcoming Marvel film release, introducing these iconic characters into the game's battlefield.

Modern Warfare 3, a recent addition to Activision's renowned FPS franchise, has garnered attention as both a standalone game and a remake, offering diverse gameplay modes and a captivating albeit brief campaign. It also revolutionized Call of Duty's Zombies mode with an open-world twist. Meanwhile, Warzone continues to thrive with regular updates, including last year's addition of rapper Nicki Minaj as a playable character, and now potentially Marvel superheroes.

In a revealing video shared by dataminer crashfty, glimpses of new finishing moves in Call of Duty: Warzone bear a striking resemblance to Deadpool's signature style, hinting at his potential arrival. These animations, showcasing sarcastic gestures and witty behavior, align closely with Ryan Reynolds' portrayal of the character.

Rumors of a Major Marvel Crossover in Warzone and Modern Warfare 3


Call of Duty has a history of successful crossovers, from Fallout to Warhammer 40,000, and Gundam, typically announced shortly before their release. The speculated Deadpool & Wolverine collaboration comes amidst anticipation for their upcoming film release on July 26, promising high box office numbers and cultural buzz.

As fans await further confirmation, attention also turns to the next installment, Black Ops 6, detailed by Treyarch in June. Promising a return to Zombies' roots with two round-based maps at launch, Treyarch ensures ongoing support for Warzone within the new title.