Zombie Loot Box Magic: Call of Duty Fan Receives Epic Christmas Surprise Inspired by Modern Warfare 3

A fortunate Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies enthusiast received a delightful Christmas surprise in the form of a gift cleverly designed as a loot box reminiscent of the popular Call of Duty mode. Drawing on the enduring appeal of Zombies, a cornerstone of the franchise, this thoughtful present added a festive touch to the fan's holiday season.

The Call of Duty series, a stalwart in modern gaming, ushered in a new era with the introduction of the Zombies mode. Debuting in 2008 with Call of Duty: World at War, Zombies swiftly captured the hearts of players and evolved into a cherished aspect of the franchise, rivaling the popularity of its base multiplayer component. Despite Modern Warfare 3 encountering initial challenges with its campaign, the game found success, particularly in its multiplayer and Zombies modes. A devoted Zombies enthusiast, known as JackLinsey on Reddit, shared this remarkable Christmas gift on a Call of Duty subreddit, crafted with love by their girlfriend.


The handmade present takes inspiration from an Aether Cache, adorned with an array of chocolates and nine different Perk-A-Cola cans featured in the game. Elevating the gift's charm, the Perk-A-Cola cans conceal smaller presents within, adding an extra layer of delight. The Reddit post has garnered admiration from fellow fans, praising the meticulous effort and attention to detail evident in this thoughtful creation.

Despite the highs and lows experienced by Modern Warfare 3 since its November launch, the enduring popularity of the Zombies mode stands out as a testament to the series' enduring appeal. Fueled by Call of Duty's penchant for engaging multiplayer modes, the franchise's future appears promising, transcending any criticisms directed at Modern Warfare 3's base campaign. This unique Christmas gift serves as a heartwarming reminder of the profound connection Call of Duty Zombies maintains with its player base, showcasing the ability of a game to inspire meaningful and thoughtful handmade gifts.