Natus Vincere are losing their grip

Yesterday, the audience's favorites Natus Vincere were sent home from shooting range-3 of the Wild Rift tournament. And not top teams, but young Europeans without much experience in MOBA games.

The Purge Wild Rift EU Series 9 is a C-tier tournament in the European Region with a total prize pool of $ 1,000. And this is for 8 teams, each of which could get here from the open qualifiers.

That, in fact, did the "born to win". Only after the guys relaxed and played 4 out of 4 matches in a draw. Despite the fact that their opponents were not so strong.

The first match was drawn with a relatively good Turkish team SuperMassive Blaze. However, their Na'Vi won 2-0 just two days ago. This is what it means to believe in yourself too much and underestimate your opponent.

In the second game, they came across a sworn enemy - Game-Lord. Perhaps the only really strong team in this tournament. Throughout the history of meetings with them, Na'Vi were able to pick up only 1 game in 5 matches. And this one was the first time that they did not fly away from the Belgian team. In a sense, also a victory.

The cherry on top and the third in a row was the match with the monsters of mobile gaming, a little-known French team Mood Gaming. Objectively the weakest opponent of all. Tying the French Brawl Start champions is a small win.

The last fourth match was played against the British team Rix.GG. If you look at the ratings and strength of the teams, then both teams are equal. However, all previous meetings ended in defeat for the "born to win".

Frequent change of your roster. Lack of well-established communication between the players, due to the internationality of the team. This approach to the game is clearly not what you expect from a high-class and expensive team, which, moreover, has tremendous experience in MOBA.