Michael Udall leaves the professional scene due to health

Professional player by Michael ' MichaelUdall ' Udall of Wild Rift leaves the team ranks Sentinels and eSports as a player.

He announced this on his Twitter yesterday. As the guy himself writes:

“As for what comes next, I know for sure that I will no longer return to the professional Rift scene. I really love the community and am interested in helping it grow, but not as a player. "

Based on this comment, one can only guess, but there is every chance that soon we will see Michael as a coach or CEO of one of the teams, especially since he has a similar experience.

Michael Udall has been in esports since 2015 for his career with Blizzard's Heros of the Storm, which he graduated in 2018. Later in 2020, he created his own esports organization, 30K. And already in 2021 he joined the Sentinels in Wild Rift as a mid lane.