The best heroes and their strengths for leveling up in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 is a continuation of the cult series of games in the dark fantasy genre, which tells about the invasion of an army of demons, which the player will confront, alone, or in a group with friends, or random players.

You must choose your class, you need to choose carefully, because you have to play a series of acts and many difficulty levels on it, and if you choose a class for other players, or you did not like it initially, then be prepared to upgrade it.

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The best heroes and their strengths for leveling up in Diablo 4 1

Which classes are easier to gain levels and go through new stages of difficulty


The easiest hero for solo playthrough at all difficulty levels and with any number of opponents when choosing a build to summon an army of the dead, which are created from killed creatures. In fact, given the number of monsters that will be destroyed during the hunt, you will always have goals for generating an army and accumulating the necessary resources.

Two types of resources are responsible for using skills - corpses and essence.

Corpses will accumulate every time monsters die nearby, this scale will fill up, and this parameter can be called infinite.

Essence is used to generate negative effects and is accumulated through special attacks against monsters.

You can summon three types of creatures - skeletons, golems and liches.

These are monsters with different types of attacks in melee and ranged combat and using magic.

Such units are capable of independently clearing any location even without the player’s help, provided that he creates a large number of creatures that will destroy everything they see around and bring the player the most stable boost in Diablo 4 of all possibles.

You can also choose a build towards strong negative effects, but they are more effective for playing in a group than for quick and solo leveling in Diablo 4.

Your main task is not to expose yourself to direct damage, and this is one of the few ways to deal with a necromancer who has chosen the army summoning build - to kill the caster himself. Therefore, the player must always be in the midst of the monsters he has summoned and carefully monitor all mass skills that can kill the caster, because then the entire summoned army will die.

This is a hero who can be effective at any difficulty level and his combat potential does not sag even at the Nightmare and Hell difficulty levels, because his army is weakly influenced by resists and increased protection of local monsters.


A fairly simple and understandable and maximum contact fighter who places a huge emphasis on physical damage.

You will be able to handle all types of weapons, but swords and maces will be your specialty.

Each attack on enemies will accelerate your damage from this weapon, and additional opportunities to accelerate damage for a short time using the rage skill, which will destroy large groups of monsters, will allow you to very quickly clear most locations and go through difficulty levels right up to the endgame.

This is a solid character who likes to be in the thick of things and has mechanics that are simple and straightforward enough to suit most players.

The only thing you need to take into account right away is that with your cheap boost in Diablo 4 the difficulty level will increase and sooner or later you will come across monsters with resistance, including to physical damage, and to get around this problem you need to find a weapon with sockets and insert stones into them with various magical attacks - lightning, ice and fire. Due to the activation of these perks, you will deal damage, and due to the attack speed, they will be activated often enough to increase your damage.

The best heroes and their strengths for leveling up in Diablo 4 2


A class that is very popular in all MMO RPGs and Diablo 4, a hero who has a rather difficult beginning, but in the future accelerates his combat capabilities by increasing his mana reserves, developing stronger magical skills and strengthening his main weapons and equipment.

The magician needs no introduction and is capable of clearing a huge number of monsters, provided he has a large supply of mana.

Advice for beginners - do not focus your attention on only one school of magic, because with increasing difficulty levels, monsters will begin to develop resistance and complete immunity, which will block different methods of destroying them.

If you concentrate on the element of fire, then you risk losing the ability to kill demons in the future, but if you choose to study the school of fire and ice, then simply by switching your skills you can continue to destroy your enemies.

You can, of course, spend gold in Diablo 4 and reset all learned skill points and distribute them over new ones, but you need to take into account that in addition to skills, all players also collect equipment that enhances certain skills and by constantly transferring skill points you make your equipment ineffective.

Demon Hunter

If you choose this class with an archer build, you can get one of the most stable heroes for leveling with an emphasis on physical damage in ranged combat and the future ability to move into concentrated damage, or mass shelling.

For successful boosting in D4, it will be enough for you to have a sufficient number of arrows and not be lazy to keep your distance so that enemies cannot reach you.

You will quickly pass most difficulty levels, but, like the Barbarian, it is important for you to insert stones with magical perks into the sockets in order to be able to deal damage even to enemies with immunity to physical damage.

In Diablo 4, an archer is the opposite of a magician and a very powerful character, and if you play together with a magician, then you can cope with literally any opponents.