Rainbow Six Siege Unveils Season 2 'New Blood' Roadmap: New Operators, Major Nerfs, and More!

Rainbow Six Siege has unveiled its roadmap for Season 2, titled New Blood, which brings a mix of nerfs, quality-of-life updates, and the introduction of two new Operators. While Ubisoft Montreal had hinted at several updates during the mid-season of Season 1, the latest announcement has a few unexpected twists for fans, along with some disappointing news about the Reputation System's launch.

Alexander Karpazis, the creative director of Rainbow Six Siege, delivered the unfortunate news that the much-anticipated Reputation System, initially slated for an alpha release, will not be ready for Season 2's launch. The team is still refining the system based on user feedback. Despite this setback, the season promises significant enhancements, beginning with two new Recruit Operators, making it an exciting phase for the game.

The Season 2 roadmap was detailed in a comprehensive YouTube video, introducing Striker and Sentry as new Recruit Attacker and Defender Operators, respectively. These Operators are designed to be highly customizable, allowing players to tailor their abilities to fit various tactical roles and strategies. Striker's loadout includes options like Stun Grenades, Frag Grenades, and more, while Sentry comes equipped with defensive gear like Impact Grenades and a Bulletproof Camera.

Significant nerfs are also in store for two of the game's top Defenders, Fenrir and Solis. Changes include reducing Solis' goggles functionality during the prep phase and cutting down on their range and durability. Fenrir will see his gadget capacities reduced, and his F-NATT Dread Mines will lose their bulletproof quality, making them more challenging to deploy effectively.

Complete Change Log for Rainbow Six Siege Season 2 (Year 9):

Scheduled for a live release on June 11, Season 2 will first be accessible on the test server starting next week. The season will roll out with the new Operators, comprehensive nerfs to Fenrir and Solis, a new multiplayer playlist, updated stadiums, spectator enhancements, the new Endless Drill mode, and significant anti-cheat improvements. Additional updates will continue to be introduced throughout the season.