PUBG Gears Up for Transformation: New Features and Unreal Engine 5 Upgrade Set for 2024

In 2024, PUBG is poised to introduce a series of groundbreaking features that are expected to transform the gameplay experience dramatically.

Now in its sixth year, the widely popular free-to-play battle royale game, which has consistently ranked high among console and PC players on Steam, is slated to receive updates including destructible environments, a transition to Unreal Engine 5, user-generated content capabilities, among other enhancements.

Krafton, the developer behind PUBG, has also hinted at new partnerships, which have become increasingly central to the game's evolution, along with matchmaking improvements and stronger anti-cheat measures. The introduction of destructible environments means players will soon be able to strategically demolish parts of buildings or create defensive barriers, thereby unlocking new tactical possibilities and altering gameplay dynamics. This feature is anticipated to debut in an April update, with further refinements to come.

The developer is committing to bi-monthly updates to gunplay, aiming to maintain a stable gameplay ecosystem while broadening the array of choices available to players. Ahead of official releases, players will have the opportunity to experiment with new weapons in the Arcade’s Gunplay Labs. Furthermore, Krafton is focusing on survival-based items and modes tailored to a more relaxed gaming experience, indicating an effort to attract a wider audience. The shift to Unreal Engine 5 is described by Krafton as the commencement of an "exciting journey," transitioning from its current foundation on Unreal Engine 4.

User-generated content is another ambitious addition, giving PUBG a creative dimension reminiscent of Fortnite, by enabling players to design and interact with their own creations, thereby nurturing a dynamic, community-led ecosystem.

Since its Steam launch in March 2017, PUBG has emerged as a global gaming phenomenon. It achieved a record-setting peak of 3,257,248 concurrent players on Steam in January 2018. Expanding beyond PC to consoles and mobile—where it has amassed over a billion downloads—PUBG continues to captivate a vast audience worldwide, maintaining a strong presence on Steam with hundreds of thousands of active players at any given time, even as it evolves beyond its initial peak popularity.