Unlocking the Ultimate Arsenal: Master the Art of Obtaining Free UCs in PUBG Mobile with These Proven Strategies!

Like any mobile game, PUBG Mobile features in-game currencies such as Battle Points (BP), G-coins, and Unknown Cash (UC). Players can earn BP and G-coins by completing daily missions, participating in events, winning matches, and dealing damage to opponents. On the other hand, UCs are considered premium currency and can only be obtained by spending real money.

Unknown Cash serves as a means to purchase exclusive cosmetics, collectibles, Rename cards, Royale Pass, and various other items. Access to these exclusives enhances the overall PUBG experience, but not everyone can afford to purchase them.

There are several methods to obtain these premium currencies without spending real money, and this article highlights some of the best approaches.

How to Acquire Free UCs in PUBG Mobile:

Play Points:

Unlocking the Ultimate Arsenal: Master the Art of Obtaining Free UCs in PUBG Mobile with These Proven Strategies! 1

The Google Play Store offers an effective platform for earning free UCs. Users can complete tasks assigned by the digital store, such as installing and using applications for a specified period. Feedback based on the user's experience is then requested, and in return, Play Points are awarded.

These points can be cashed out or used to directly purchase UCs through the in-app feature. However, users should exercise caution, as the installed applications may be addictive or involve real money wagering.

Google Opinion Rewards:

Unlocking the Ultimate Arsenal: Master the Art of Obtaining Free UCs in PUBG Mobile with These Proven Strategies! 2

Google Opinion Rewards is another avenue for obtaining free UCs in various mobile games. Users are invited to participate in simple and quick surveys, sharing their opinions on various topics.

Additionally, users can write about their experiences at popular places, earning them Google Play Credits or iTunes Gift Cards. These in-app tokens can be cashed out or used to redeem UCs directly in PUBG Mobile.

Giveaways and Custom Rooms:

Participating in custom rooms is a straightforward method to earn free UCs in PUBG Mobile. These rooms often offer premium in-game currencies or cash prizes for winners. Players can join these rooms and strive to emerge victorious to claim the rewards.

Keep an eye on PUBG Mobile livestreams and events, as they frequently feature giveaways of in-game items, including UCs.

Redeem Codes:

Redeem codes are valuable sources of in-game currencies in PUBG Mobile. Tencent Games, the developer, regularly releases these codes on various platforms. Players can use them to acquire in-game cosmetics or UCs.

By finding these codes online, players can visit the game's official website's redemption center, enter the codes, and fill in their in-game credentials and captcha to receive UCs. Staying updated about fresh redeem codes is crucial.

YouTuber's Sponsors:

YouTubers often feature sponsored applications in their videos, providing an excellent opportunity to earn free UCs. These sponsored applications may involve games or tasks that yield in-app tokens or currencies.

Users can install these applications through the provided links, play games or complete tasks to accumulate more tokens. After reaching a certain threshold, tokens can be cashed out to purchase UCs in PUBG Mobile. However, users should exercise caution as these applications may involve real money wagering and can be addictive.