PUBG Revolution: Unleashing the 'Market' Update with BR Coins, Exclusive Items, and Tactical Challenges!

KRAFTON has rolled out the latest update for PUBG: Battlegrounds, unveiling the innovative 'Market' system. The 27.2 Update marks the introduction of PUBG's first in-game store, enabling players to acquire a range of enhancements and weaponry using the newly introduced BR Coins currency.

Rondo Markets emerge in-game across three different tiers, each offering a distinct array and quality of items purchasable with the new BR Coin currency. BR Coins can be earned through diverse methods, including in-game challenges, defeating Pillar Guards (NPCs tasked with protecting Grade III Market locations), selling inventory items, and world spawns.

Two Market-exclusive items are already available – the Emergency Cover Flare and the Battle Ready Kit, aiding players in defensive strategies and healing. The update also features garages linked to specific Grade I Markets, housing the Rondo-exclusive Pillar UAZ vehicle, equipped with bulletproof windows and robust tires. In Grade III Market locations, players seeking high-quality merchandise will face the challenge of defeating Pillar Guards. Safes scattered throughout the map contain Gold Bars, exchangeable for BR Coins at the market.

The update introduces in-game challenges with three difficulty levels, offering various rewards such as BR Coins and items. A new addition is the Rondo-exclusive EMP Zone, which disables most electronic devices, injecting a fresh twist into gameplay. This addition aims to encourage players to revert to the game's raw mechanics without relying on electronic devices. Lastly, the update brings substantial changes to the Rondo Spawn System, "removing certain weapons and vehicles while increasing the spawn rate for others."