Battle for Glory: PUBG Mobile Nusa Conquest Challenge Unleashes Intense Solo Tournament with Dazzling Prizes!

PUBG Mobile introduces the Nusa Conquest Challenge, an exhilarating tournament inviting players from across Asia to battle it out on the dynamic Nusa map. Scheduled to kick off on January 10 and extend until January 16 (one day beyond the original timeframe), this event promises intense competition amidst Nusa's diverse landscapes.

This article provides an extensive overview of the PUBG Mobile Nusa Conquest Challenge, delving into the schedule, rules, and enticing prizes that await the skilled participants.

PUBG Mobile Nusa Conquest Challenge Details:



Here's a comprehensive summary of the PUBG Mobile Nusa Conquest Challenge:

Qualification Round

The qualification round of the PUBG Mobile Nusa Conquest Challenge kicks off with two matches on January 10 and 11, 2024, at 11:00 UTC. Participants are barred from participating in both matches to ensure a fresh pool of competitors. The top 15 players from each match (totaling 30) will receive an in-game friend request from the account "hiQuendi."

Winners must promptly accept the friend request and share their Discord username with the moderator. Failure to do so will result in the selection of a new winner based on placement ranking.

Competing Rounds

Following the qualification round, the tournament progresses through several stages, each featuring the best survivors from the previous one:

Players must join custom matches on time from Round 2 onwards, as failure to do so results in disqualification.

Prizes Worth the Battle

The stakes are high, with enticing prizes awaiting the champions:

The grand prize of 8,100 UC can significantly enhance the gaming profile.

Terms and Rules

Stay updated on the PUBG Mobile Nusa Conquest Challenge through the Discord channel . This tournament adheres strictly to the following rules:

The PUBG Mobile Nusa Conquest Challenge is set to elevate the competition, allowing only the most skilled survivors to claim their share of the impressive prizes.