League of Legends Skins Leak: Exciting Revelations for Ezreal and Seraphine's Upcoming Prestige and Battle-themed Skins!

In the expansive League of Legends universe, skins hold significant importance for the gaming community, sparking continuous speculation about upcoming releases. As the new year approaches, the anticipation for annual champion skins grows, and recent leaks provide insight into what lies ahead, particularly for fan-favorite bot laners Ezreal and Seraphine.

Infamous leaker BigBadBear recently unveiled intriguing leaks on his YouTube channel. While acknowledging the abundance of leaks, he asserted that these appear to be the most credible, yet cautioning viewers to approach the information with a degree of skepticism.


Ezreal is set to receive a second Prestige skin, as per the leaks, with strong indications pointing towards its association with Lunar New Year or a related theme. The prospect of a new skin for Ezreal adds an extra layer of excitement for players.

Moving on to Seraphine, the leaks suggest that she is in line for a fresh skin. Although BigBadBear stopped short of confirming details, he dropped hints that it might be a "Battle ____ Seraphine." Possibilities include a Battle Academia, Battle Queen, or a variation like Anima Squad Battle Bunny skin, sparking anticipation among fans, particularly for the prospect of a Battle Bunny Seraphine.

While BigBadBear hinted at additional leaks, he emphasized their current lack of reliability. Promising to return with more information at a later date, the League of Legends community remains eager for further insights into the evolving world of champion skins.