Misfits complete LoL roster for LFL performances

The Misfits have received information about the changes made in the rosters. This applies to both the main squad and the Premier squad. Oscar 'Vander' Bogdan left the main roster, and Murtai 'Mersa' Sari took his place as a support. Vander will now play in the second line-up of the Misfits, which is tagged as Misf MisfMisfits Premier> Players such as Lucian 'Shlatan' Ahmad and Matush 'Neon' Yakubchik, jungler and carry, respectively, are on the roster. Shlatan joined the main roster from the Misfits Premier. Shlatan, Neon and Mersa will join Shin 'HiRit' Tei-min and Vincent 'Vetheo' Berrier.

As for the roster of the Misfits Premier, Christian 'TynX' Ostengaard Hansen took the place of the outgoing jungler Shlatan. Joel 'Irrelevant' Miro Sharoll, Mateusz 'Czajek' Chaika and Oscar 'Vander' Bogdan, whom we talked about earlier, also joined the team. The five have entered the LFL Spring 2022.

Current Misfits Lineups

Main roster of the Misfits

  • Shin 'HiRit' Tei-min
  • Lucian 'Shlata' Ahmad
  • Vincent 'Vetheo' Berrier
  • Matush 'Neon' Jakubchik
  • Mertai 'Mersa' Sari

Misfits Premier

  • Jel 'Irrelevant' Miro Sharoll
  • Christian 'TynX' Ostergaard Hansen
  • Mateusz 'Czajek' Seagull
  • Paul 'Woolite' Pruski
  • Oscar 'Vander' Bogdan