Rainbow7 stopped working with Straight

Rainbow7's Twitter account has information about the next changes to their League of Legends roster. Now Roberto 'Straight' Guallico has left the band. This leaves two players in the team: Sebastian 'Oddie' Nino and Lorenzo 'Ceo' Tevez.

The further fate of the Rainbow7 LoL roster is still unknown. The management did not say when to expect any announcements or what will happen next with the LoL roster.

Roberto joined Rainbow7 on April 23, 2021. His only achievement, received under the tag of this organization, was the 5th place at LLA Closing 2021. The Ecuadorian's career began in 2017. He managed to earn prize money on the professional stage only once. As part of LLA Opening 2020, he performed as part of Infinity Esports and took 4th place at the event. This result allowed the team to earn a cash prize of $ 2,817. Consequently, during his career, Roberto managed to earn $ 563.

Rainbow7's starting lineup is as follows: