100 Thieves Next unveils new season roster

The North American esports organization 100 Thieves has unveiled the 100 Thieves Next squad for the new season.

The team's midler for the next season will be Insanity, who previously played for Team Liquid Academy and Immortals. Forester for 100 Thieves Next will be Fanatiik, who has spent the last six months with Resolve NA. Swordd and Array, who previously played for TSM Academy and Uni, are the next recruits of the group. of St. Thomas, respectively.

Mist has been appointed head coach of 100 Thieves Next, who has played for such teams as Cloud9 Amateur and Evil Geniuses Prodigies.

Note that in November General Sniper joined the team, which will take the position of the top lane.

Recall that after the disastrous ending of the season, in which 100 Thieves Next took 13-16 place in the LCS Proving Grounds Summer 2021, the organization decided to disband the roster, parting with Dinka, Panda, Young, Instinct and Gweiss, as well as the FallenBandit coach.

The roster of 100 Thieves Next for the new season is as follows: